13 August 2007

今日のウクレレ / ukulele di oggi

手指はその前兆だったのか、四肢にアトピー性皮膚炎が出てブルーに。気分を変えるため、途中で投げ出していた『実践コード・ワークComplete 理論編』でお勉強。読んでいるだけでは解らないので、ウクレレを弾きながら。(小指を使わなければ大丈夫、ということに気づくのに1日かかった。愚かだ。)

Forse le dita erano un segno... e` apparsa la dermatite atopica sulle membra e sono depresso. Per distrarmi un po', ho ripreso un libro della teoria musicale che avevo lasciato nello scaffare per un bel po' di tempo. Ho studiato un paio di capitoli ripassandoli con l'ukulele. (Ho sprecato un giorno intero per accorgermi che ricordandomi di non usare il mignolo, posso suonare l'ukulele.)
Mi sono reso conto che e` efficiente ricordare gli accordi non con la forma e la posizione delle dita, ma con il nome delle note. Cio` significa che devo imparare le note sulla tastriera d'ukulele, che e` veramente seccante a questo punto...
Voglio uno strumento a tastiera...
Comunque, dopo aver fatto un ripasso sulla teoria musicale, ho scoperto nuove cose suonando le musiche che conosco bene. Ho capito che fare solo esercizi sulle partiture non mi porta alla conoscenza della musica, se non ho la testa per pensarci un po'!
Accidenti, ma come prude...


  1. Marco "Markulele" marmisio@yahoo.com23 August, 2007 20:35

    Ciao Leone, glad to meet you!
    I read your name on the site "Italian Ukulele Commettee", and so I felt free to write you. You tell me if oyu prefer english or italian (but please not japanese! LOL)
    I have bought a Mahalo Soprano, (that ones coloured, you know ...) and, with my surprise, I noticed that the strings were put not in order. I mean: in string instruments, you have a progression from a low tone to a high tone, so that the first string is the lower, the second is higher, the third even higer, and so on... In this case, the strings have different section, so that the lower the string is, the bigger it is; the higer it is, the smaller is its section. In my Uke, they don't follow this order: I have the bigger (more wide) string in the middle!!! As if it is like that: string 1, 4,2,3 !! How comes?? I thought at first that the seller had maken a mistake, putting strings on the instrument: but then, I looked at the bridge (in italian is "capotasto") and I saw the the grooves on the bridge are also in a "confused" order: the first is the smaller groove, the second the bigger, the third a middle size, and so on... How is possible this? I have not yet used it because I don't know how to do to tune it!! Have I to change strings order? If yes, how can I, since the grooves in the bridge don't allow a different positioning??
    Sorry if my message was not clear, but the thing is complicated itself!
    Hope you can help me, and also that we'll have occasion to exchange experiences!

    Thank you for now, bye


  2. Ciao Marco, nice to meet you!
    Thank you for writing in English, but my skill in this language is very poor!
    Anyway, I understand your confusion about the order of the ukulele strings. But I suppose that your Mahalo is stringed correctly.
    In fact, the sequense of strings should be 2, 4, 3, 1 (1=thinnest and 4=thickest).

    For details, please see this post in my blog:

    So, ukulele is an instrument like that, that is strange but not unreasonable... Just get used to it!

  3. Sorry the link I mentioned above is here.

  4. Marco "Markulele"24 August, 2007 07:16

    Ciao again, Leone!
    Is me that thanks you for your reply. I'll go right now to the link you mentioned, and I'll clear my mind! Just to add some information, my Mahalo was anyway in confusion, because the strings were (counting from the string that is nearest to the face of the player): 1,4,3,2 !! Krazy uke! haha... Now I make you laugh: I thought to an error of the seller, so I changed the order of the strings to 1,2,3,4.. haha... and I was thinking: "mm..it sounds strange! Not so harmonic..." ahahahaha!!! To thank you for your help (!) I suggest this link: this guy is a magic player.. just take a look!! Thanks, see you soon
    - Marco

  5. Marco "Markulele"24 August, 2007 07:21

    Sorry, the link has not copied, so I write it again:

  6. Ciao Marco!
    I am glad to help you.
    I didn't read your comment carefully, so I thought that 1,4,3,2 was correct :-)
    Anyway 1234 is a very original tuning!

    P.S> Is "Canon" the video on Youtube you linked? That's fantastico.