09 February 2010

The Night on Uke

Last Saturday of January 2010, in a bar named Aquavitae (Matsumoto City, Japan), a memorable ukulele event took place.
It was a first event hosted by Shinshu Ukulele Association, the "Night on Uke"!

More than 15 participants turned on for the party, including Mr. Takahashi the great ukulele builder from T's Guitar, and core members of Matsumoto Music Festival.

Of cource, it was a big meeting of ukuleles, too. 15 uke's on the tables!

What a lovely show!!

The party mood was relaxing, heartwarming - a pretty "ukulele" atmosphere. Takahashi-san talked about histories and structures of ukulele, we did a comparison of different sizes (Soprano, Concert, Tenor) and strings. After that we continued to chat about ukulele...

Then, the dream time has past. It was a four-hours party.
We promised to organize the next.
So, Thanks a lot for joining us, many thanks to bar Aquavitae's assistance, and everybody - See you next time!!

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